Our Commitment


Respect and care for the little ones, their needs and distinctive characteristics have always inspired the company’s work. For this reason, Miniconf clothing is subject to the toughest chemical and resistance tests. The utmost attention is paid during each stage of the design, production and distribution processes, as the objective is to meet the highest standards of quality and safety.

Miniconf supports many national and local organisations that work towards safeguarding children, including:


Miniconf has taken part in the “Adozioni a distanza” (Long distance adoption) project since 2006 in support of two Italian associations: Ai.Bi and the NGO Missione futura.


The company’s vision puts children at the forefront:
“Children inspire us, our values guide us”.

Miniconf combines its know-how and the company’s vision with the values that form the fundamental building-blocks of the company’s mission: Dress children trendy, high-quality, practical, comfortable, safe clothes, while simultaneously dedicating our utmost attention to our customers, collaborators and the environment.


Miniconf rejects all forms of discrimination and exploitation. It rejects child labour. It asks its suppliers to adopt the Miniconf Code of Conduct, which sets out guidelines in terms of safety in the workplace and protecting the environment. As a confirmation of this commitment, Miniconf has been ISO 14001 certified since 2003.


Sarabanda has linked with the international program “Fur Free”, coordinated in Italy by LAV (anti – vivisection league) associated with the International FFA (Fur Free Alliance).
The “fur free Company” tag allows the consumer to immediately identify garments using ecological furs.


All Sarabanda garments are designed and manufactured in compliance with international safety standards and tested chemically and mechanically. Already in the designing stage even the smallest detail is given careful attention. Buttons, studs, strings, and sequins are chosen and used keeping in mind the children’ safety and wellbeing.


Miniconf, which is manufacturing and distributing childrenswear since 40 years, is testing its garments thru an internal QS and externally with auditors assessing the third party production sites abroad.


Sarabanda garments are subjected to severe stress test ensuring their strength and durability. The effort to guarantee a durability to usage influences the designing process too.


Mr Fagus is the symbol of Sarabanda efforts in producing safe, durable and quality garments. It is a huge beech tree, that lives with a community of friends in Miniwood, a fantasy wood inspired by the Tuscan hills of Casentino where Miniconf is located. Discover more about Mr Fagus either on each garment label or on www.mrfagus.it.