About Us

Sarabanda is a key brand in the kidswear market, with a style identity strongly inspired by the Italian dictates of "beautiful and well made". Sarabanda style is a perfect balance between elegance and attention to detail, creativity and warmth, comfort and safety for children.


The company's in-house team of Italian designers is engaged in constant research to design garments that interpret fashion trends with the style and aesthetic sensibility typical of the “Bel Paese”.


Sarabanda dresses children with a collection designed to make every occasion special, with attention to evolving fashions and details. Baby girl/Baby boy is the collection of clothing and accessories for children ages 9 months to 8 years. Girl/Boy is the collection of clothing and accessories for older children from 8 to16 years old.


Sarabanda is a brand of Miniconf SpA, a company that has been dealing exclusively in children's clothing since the early 1970s.

Miniconf is a company that has been able to achieve international dimension and visibility, while maintaining strong ties with the territory and its values. Founded by Giovanni Basagni in 1973, Miniconf is today a leading Italian company in the children's and youth clothing sector.