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Children from all over the world inspire us, values guide us

Sarabanda dresses children in their everyday lives, with a collection of durable and comfortable clothes that are in tune with developments in the fashion world and place the emphasis on details.

For years the company has been run in accordance with the following strategic guidelines: research and development, use of innovative and safe materials, providing services to customers, acting responsibly and and committing itself to social causes and high quality products.


Sarabanda is a brand owned by Miniconf: a leading children’s clothing company.
It was created in 2004 and replaced the Miniconf brand, which the company had used on the retail market until that time. Sarabanda is part of a new business strategy which was well received by the market from the very beginning, thanks to the strengthening of the distribution network, the introduction of a franchising network and and to new human resources in the design area.

The brand offers a highly appealing total look collection with an excellent quality/image/price ratio and a superb standard of service.

The collections are based around specific creative themes and the ability to mix and match the clothes is always a high priority. This allows children to create their own personal outfits by mixing fabrics and colours.

Sarabanda proposal is divided into three age ranges that goes from 6 months to 16 years. As an extension of Sarabanda brand there is Minibanda which is aimed to newborns (0-24 months).

The year 2013 was a year of celebration!
The Company Miniconf celebrated its 40 anniversary in business and to mark this occasion we have presented a brochure retracing the styles and trends that have made fashion from the 70s until today.

Children from around the world have been inspiring us and will continue to do so in the future!

Browse the brochure and enjoy reminiscing: 40anni.miniconf.it


For years Miniconf has had a business policy in place which allows profitable economic growth while acting in an ethical and environmentally friendly manner and protecting the consumers and the workers. This means carefully considering the impact that it has on the surrounding environment and social fabric, aand doing everything that it can to contribute to sustainable social and economic progress, respecting human and ecological values that are part of our joint heritage.
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Some time ago, the company put in place a textile health check system with the aim of bringing its products in line with the consumer protection regulations in force, by conducting constant checks on the textiles and accessories used. Regarding the eco-friendliness that Miniconf has always shown, it has a sustainable development policy, with checks and continual improvements to its performance in production.

The company also shows strong commitment to social causes. It is involved in initiatives to help youngsters, with the aim of supporting them economically and aiding their social and cultural growth.

Given its strong sense of social responsibility, for years the company has had a code of conduct in place, with the objective of introducing morally correct behaviour even in areas that are not regulated by legislation. In particular, the company is committed to respect the workplace safety. It ensures that the entire production chain is involved in this, so that its values are shared by everyone.


Miniconf is a Tuscany company. It was born in Ortignano, in the heart of the Casentino Valley, between the mountains of beech and fir trees, and the valley where the young Arno river flows. Discover the beauty of our territory!

Miniconf Spa – Via Provinciale 1/A – 52010 Ortignano Raggiolo, Arezzo – Italy – Tel. +39.0575.5331